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Emergency Wedding Kit Checklist

Your wedding day has arrived. Months and months of planning have gone into this day and now a button has fallen off and needs replacing. Where do you find the needle and cotton? Ever thought of carrying spare cuff links? Will you have an emergency wedding kit available for this moment?
An emergency wedding kit is easy to prepare. There are no set rules, but you can be sure that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.

Do I have an Emergency Wedding Kit?

Absolutely! My Marriage Celebrant emergency wedding kit has come in handy whilst waiting for the bride to arrive. The Groom and his groomsmen or indeed father of the groom often need extra pins for their lapel flowers.
My Marriage Celebrant emergency wedding kit may consists mainly of these items:
Gaffer tape – very handy for taping umbrella onto the PA System when rain is threatening before the ceremony.
Small scissors – for cutting threads that may be hanging in the wrong place.
Velcro – keeps all sorts of things in place! Used for keeping microphones steady when on tripod.
Double-sided tape – on one occasion used to keep a hem up on groomsmen suit pants. Making sure vases are stable on the signing table.
Saftety-pins, did I say lots of safety-pins? Great for closing ‘gaping’ dresses on a windy day. One windy day we had a person reading a poem and her hands are occupied holding the folder!
Mini Sewing kit
Sunscreen Lipbalm
Aerogard tropical strength – to help keep the flies away on hot days or mosquitoes at bay on wet grass.
Heavy duty plastic to cover the signing table – keeping documents in one place on very windy days or days when it looks like it could rain at any minute.
Spare Marriage Certificate and writing pens.

The following checklist for your emergency wedding kit has come in handy through experience:

Baby Powder (for smudges); Band-Aids; Bottled water; Brush/comb; Clear Deodorant; Clear Nail Polish; Cold sore cream; Crochet hook (for buttons); Dental Floss; Extra socks (for the men); Extra Pantyhose; Fingernail clippers; Fingernail File/Emery Boards; Flat shoes (ease sore feet); Hair Spray; Hand Lotion; Light snack (raw nuts, granola); Makeup Kit; Mini Sewing Kit; Mouthwash; Safety Pins; Spare cuff links; Sun Lotion; Tissues; Toothbrush; Toothpaste; Tweezers; Umbrella; Wet Wipes


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