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Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies are for couples wishing to celebrate and renew their commitment to each other. A commitment that has evolved, changed and allowed growth in the individual and in the way they express their love.

The renewal of vows ceremony is ideal for couples, whatever their age or stage of their married life, who have experienced and understand that love is the here and now, and to allow family and friends to be part of the ceremony. The renewal of vows ceremony is an opportunity to thank your children, family and friends for the continued support and sharing of your commitment to love. The renewal of vows ceremony is the ideal time for you to embrace the foundation you have set in motion with your marriage vows and to create the next platform.

Naming Ceremonies

A Naming Ceremony is an opportunity to welcome the ‘newest’ member of your family and to acknowledge to the community your willingness to accept the responsibility of bringing up a child in these modern times. Whilst there are no legal requirements for a Naming Ceremony, the Naming Ceremony is an opportunity to recognise the people who will support and encourage you in the development of your child.

Location- The ideal setting for a Naming Ceremony is in the comfort of your family home or at your local park.

Certificate – At the conclusion of the Naming Ceremony, a certificate is presented to the parents, guardians/godparents and grand-parents to record the occasion.

Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is the perfect opportunity to make a public affirmation of your love to one another when couples do not want, or are unable at the present time, to have a legal ceremony. It is a delight on such occasions for me to help couples form a sincere ceremony that will capture their love to share and celebrate with their family! Celebrate your love with a ceremony of love!

If you’d like to discuss a naming ceremony in Perth or a renewal of vows or commitment ceremony, please get in touch.

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