On several occasions I have met couples who, when we begin planning their Perth wedding ceremony, revealed they haven’t really wanted to marry at an earlier stage because they’ve been together for years, they know each other really well, and after all, “a Marriage Certificate is just a piece of paper, right?

A rite of passage

In fact, marriage is a significant step. It is a mutual decision made by two people to become a couple. And in every society around the world, getting married is a rite of passage, one that celebrates moving from life as a single to the next stage of life as part of a twosome.

This makes your Marriage Certificate, signed during the ceremony by the couple, plus a celebrant and two witnesses, far more than “just a piece of paper”.  It is confirmation of the bride and groom’s words, ideas and feelings that unite them as they share a very special moment with their family and friends, and through them, the rest of the world.

Special meaning for each couple

It is interesting that one Perth wedding where I recently acted as celebrant, involved the marriage of a couple who had been together since their teenage years.   They’d been living together for 43 years, and it wasn’t until they were holidaying in Paris with friends that they decided it was time to get married. No wonder Paris is known as the City of Love. Anyway, the couple’s wedding was lots of fun and a great celebration with their 39-year old daughter acting as bridesmaid.

Another couple, Libby and Drew, had three children before they decided it was time to marry, just so that everyone could share the same family name! Here’s what they had to say about their Perth wedding:

“…thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony and your amazing flexibility on the day. We are so appreciative of the fact that you could accommodate our need to change venues at the last minute. It made everything run so smoothly despite the hiccup of nasty weather (did you notice that every day after that was beautiful). We had such a wonderful day and everyone commented on the ceremony and how personalised it was. Drew is also a very happy man that the Marriage Certificate states he was married in a “brewery”. Thank you once again Lesley for everything that you did not only on the day but during the lead up to the wedding. Dealing with you was certainly a pleasure!” Libby & Drew

Creating the perfect day

Another couple, Amanda and Shaun, had a lively little toddler when they decided to marry. They sent me this note a few weeks after I acted as celebrant at their marriage:

“… We absolutely loved having you as our celebrant as you were so organised, calm, thoughtful, and so genuinely interested in helping us have the perfect day – we want to say such a BIG thank you. We are happily married to say the least. It has changed the dynamics and definitely in a good way! Who would have thought a ceremony like that could make such a positive change??!! Luckily for us a few family members videoed the ceremony so we have been reliving the vows and what was said …”

I believe the Marriage Certificate you receive on the day of your wedding will mean more to you both than “just a piece of paper”.

As a Marriage Celebrant in Perth, part of my role is to help you design a unique wedding ceremony. A ceremony that will create special memories of love to nurture and sustain your relationship over the years. To discover more about making your wedding special, contact me, Lesley Gasmier – WA Wedding Celebrant on mobile 0432 432 812.