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Roles for children to play in your Perth wedding

Popular Perth wedding celebrant Lesley Gasmier shares ideas on how to weave children into the fabric of your wedding ceremony.

The recent arrival of two gorgeous grandchildren has reminded me of the special joy children bring to families, and what better way to celebrate your love than to give your children a special role in your Perth wedding ceremony?

Many Perth couples I work with have a growing family, and quite rightly, they are often keen to involve their children in their wedding ceremony. There are a number of ways to do this, but it is worth making a few extra plans to ensure the day is as special for your little ones as it is for you.

Playing a key role

Children are a wonderful addition to any wedding and there is a variety of roles they can play in your big day.

Girls traditionally fill the role of either flower girl or bridesmaid, while boys can be a ring bearer or be responsible for holding the bouquet during the ceremony. Some brides choose to be given away by their son, which can be tremendously moving for the gathered guests.

Other roles that can be considered depending on the child’s age include:

  • Hand out wedding programs to guests as they arrive
  • Carrying the bride’s train
  • Scattering rose petals ahead of the bride
  • Reading a poem or singing a solo during the ceremony
  • Serving wedding cake to guests.

Small children can be unpredictable.  Only offer very simple tasks to tiny tots. Include children in the rehearsal where possible so they know what is expected of them.

Timing your wedding ceremony

Weddings can be especially exciting for preschoolers, and this can lead to fatigue. It can help to plan your wedding ceremony around the child’s normal sleep or nap times. Allow your child to wake up at their normal time. This can be a positive step that helps your child keep going throughout the whole day.

Have a close friend or relative on hand

Barring the occasional bout of stage fright, most children handle the wedding ceremony extremely well. It tends to be the period immediately after the ceremony that youngsters find stressful. This can be a time when your guests gather to congratulate the bride and groom, and children can easily feel left out.

The solution is to nominate an adult with whom your child feels comfortable, to take charge, offer drinks and snacks, and of course heap praise on your youngster for the wonderful job they did during the ceremony!

As part of including children in your wedding, give some thought to having child-friendly food and drinks at the reception.

Some couples hire a nanny or clown so children can share the formal part of the reception and a separate room for fun activities in a separate room. But be prepared for plenty of adults to join in – after all, a wedding is a joyous occasion, and no one does joy better than children.

For ideas on how to let children play a role in your Perth wedding ceremony, call me, Lesley Gasmier on mobile 0432 432 812, or send an email to

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