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Wedding vows – more than just “I do”

Perth wedding celebrant Lesley Gasmier explains how couples can add a personal touch to their wedding vows.

When we think of weddings, two little words – “I do” spring to mind. However many couples are surprised to discover they have a great deal of scope to customise their vows.

Having been a wedding celebrant in Perth for many years, I have been involved in ceremonies that feature some truly heartfelt vows and it certainly adds a memorable touch to the wedding.

The must-haves

Some parts of your wedding vows are set in stone, and these are defined by legal wording taken from The Marriage Act 1961.  Most notably, your vows need to include the declaration “I ask everyone present to witness that I, Mary Jane, take you William John to be my lawful wedded husband”.

Beyond this, your vows for a Perth wedding can be tailored to reflect your individual personalities and your relationship.

To give you some inspiration, here are a few of the vows I have come across as a Perth wedding celebrant:

“I will be your best friend. I will respect you for who you are and love you through good times and not so good times, as long as we live.”

“Today I join my life to yours, as your friend, your lover and your confidant.  Let me be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest, the companion of your life.  With you, I will walk my path of life, my hand in yours from this day forward.”

“It is with great passion and deep affection, I will be your soul mate and best friend.  I promise to be there to comfort you, share life’s joys and sorrows with you.  I will always strive to be the best father/mother to our children and to fill our home with happiness, laughter and much love.  You are so precious to me, I love you.”

Make your vows a team effort

It can be extremely moving for the wedding guests to hear such wonderful declarations of love. So where how do you get started? I generally offer a few pointers:

  • If you wish to write your own vows make sure it is a team effort.
  • Consider what you feel strongly about and what you would like to say
  • Express your vows in a way that all your guests will be able to understand them – without revealing anything too
  • Be yourself and let your personalities shine through.

Jot down a few ideas

A good starting point is to jot down some initial thoughts for your vows. It’s not necessary to re-invent the wheel. You are free to adapt parts of existing vows. I can help you with this, and also explain the process involved in engaging a celebrant for your Perth wedding.

The main point is that your vows are meaningful to you and your partner.  Don’t be concerned if it sounds too sentimental – no one will worry if you speak from the heart.

As an experienced marriage celebrant in Perth, I can provide advice on the legal requirements for your vows and offer suggestions on vows unique to you as a couple.  Call me, Lesley Gasmier, on 9364 8857 or 0432 432 812 to discuss your wedding plans or send an email to I look forward to being part of your special day.

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